Having the honor or serve on the Harbour Green Association, we have had the opportunity to get to know the history of our community a little better as we delicately try to balance our roles as HGA board members and active members of our community that is home to 422 households.  Although these two roles go hand in hand, we have the unique perspective of what makes our community such a wonderful place to live and more importantly what it takes to maintain it.  It is the goal of our President, Stephanie Carter and the rest of the HGA Board to focus on the families of Old Harbour Green and the events that bring us together as a community.  The Philosophy is simple, without our neighbors, there is no neighborhood.

In the past we have benefited from a high percentage of paid members ranging between 300 and 320.   Unfortunately, for the last couple of years we have seen a decline in our total paid membership.  As a result, the HGA would like to initiate a renewed relationship with the members of our community.

As you know, there are many community events which have become a tradition within Old Harbour Green.  In order to coordinate and run events like the Candlelight Tea Social, Santa’s Toy Drive, Kid’s Holiday Party, Easter Egg Hunt and Halloween Parade, we must focus on increasing our membership and encouraging new members to volunteer their time.  In addition to these vital community-building events, our biggest fiscal challenge each year is the cost to maintain the beautification of our front property, islands, and tree-lined streets as well as the ability to pay the more than $8,000 in taxes for the front property which accounts for 50% of our annual budget.

The HGA’s goal beyond our financial obligations to Old Harbour Green is to bring our community of both old and new neighbors together through this renewed outreach and beautification initiative.  With your help, we can honor these traditions for years to come and continue to make Old Harbour Green the most beautiful community on the South Shore of Long Island.