Message from Our President

Dear Neighbors,

Every spring and summer, residents of Harbour Green can’t help but fall in love again with living in Old Harbour Green.  Springtime reminds us why we chose to live and raise our families here.  After driving just a few minutes south of Merrick Road, Cedar Shore and Bay Drive come alive with nature in full bloom.  The canopy of trees that line our streets form an amazing archway.  The charming scenery looks and feels like the country.  The beautiful homes, landscape, and magnificent trees attract so many people to this great community
General Meeting April 19, 2018
I am sorry to report that we had only two residents, John Caruso and Lois Tedesco in attendance at the combined civics General Meeting (with Biltmore Shores) on April 19th.  The topics were relevant to all residents in our congressional district with Senator John Brooks as guest speaker.  Fortunately, the Biltmore Shores Association had approximately 40 members in attendance.  We have seen in past years attendance decline at our meetings but it has never been this low.  Going forward, HGA will put on hold having its own General Meetings and instead will join the Biltmore Shores Civic Association with combined meetings.  We share similar issues being adjacent communities.
Easter Egg Hunt
The Easter egg hunt was a great success.  We had a wonderful turn out with so many young children in attendance to see the Easter Bunny.  Thank you to Mike Pratt and Greg Lowery for organizing this event
For Informational Purposes – The Harbour Green Association, Inc. (“HGA”)
There are many new neighbors that have moved into the community over the past two years.  Homeowners may be looking into home remodeling and construction.  Please be aware The Harbour Green Association, Inc. (“HGA”) is the association for our community comprised of 422 homes and the residents are members.  The HGA is not to be confused with the OHG Preservation Board.  In 2016, a group of residents formed the OHG Preservation Board to safeguard the preservation and building integrity of the homes in our community with a self-organized advisory group.
When we refer to OHG or Old Harbour Green it is The Harbour Green Association (“HGA”) working for the community.
Rob Scarola, Board Member and Town of Oyster Bay/ZBA liaison can be contacted with any questions related to the Old Harbour Green building code and Zoning Board of Appeals via email:  email Rob Scarola.
S.O.S.  – Student Outreach to Seniors
S.O.S. has had a few new members join in 2018.  Although there were fewer snow storms in 2017, they were each very intense with a great deal of snow.  Our young students worked so hard to help shovel our seniors’ driveways and walkways.  They will be acknowledged at a Thank-You party this summer.  For those seniors who wish to make a donation to the S.O.S. scholarship fund, you may send a check payable to Harbour Green Association, Inc. to our PO Box, in care of Greg Lowery (please mark SOS on the check).
We have finally made headway with the TOB – Town of Highway to patch large areas of roadway with potholes along Cedar Shore Drive, Lagoon and Nassau Street.  We are still working on other streets in the community such as Bay Drive.  The Town of Highway has also thermal painted new yellow double lines at the entrance into the community on Cedar Shore and Bay Drive.
Adam Road Island
It was recently brought to my attention by a number of residents that the beautiful island located on Adam Road near Cedar Shore Drive is maintained by our neighbors Nadia and Jerry Jones.  They are responsible for the beautiful plantings you see as well as the care of this island.  Their generous donation and volunteering their time to this island is very much appreciated by the HGA Board and residents and makes our community so beautiful!   Thank you.
It is more than likely there are also neighbors doing similar work at other islands throughout the community.  The HGA Board would like to acknowledge those residents.  Please let me know who you are by emailing me.
Cedar Shore Drive Entrance
Carl’s Fence completed the installation of the new fencing at Cedar Shore Drive.  It has made a huge improvement to the entry into our community.  Thank you to Greg Lowery and Mike Fay for their work on this capital improvement project.
Drive Slowly and Street Signs
Jane Reilly and Michael Murphy have volunteered and are ready to begin work on the street signs that are in need of repair or full replacement.  Michael Murphy will also begin to replace the rotted Drive Slowly signs throughout the community with brand new signs.
New Dates for the Candlelight Tea
The Grace Day School requested a change from the original dates to hold the Candlelight Tea.  The Candlelight Tea will now be held on Friday, November 30th and the Children’s Party with Santa followed by our Annual Toy Drive on Saturday, December 1st.
Annual Dues
If you have not paid your Annual Dues yet, please be a member in good standing and be part of reaching our goal of 300 paid members in 2018.  It is so important that each family make their annual dues payment to support the budget that covers costs to pay taxes for the front gate property, maintain the front property including landscaping, sprinklers, and lighting plus allow for the annual events that make our community very special.  There is the Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween Parade, Candlelight Tea and Children’s Meeting with Santa.  One very significant part of the Children’s Visit with Santa is the drive with Santa around the neighborhood for the collection of toys for children in need at Christmas.  Our community has become the lead contributor to the agency to give these children a Christmas party with gifts from Santa donated by the HGA.
If you have a specific reason or concern why residents do not pay membership dues, the Board would appreciate letting us know. Please email me.
New Board Members
We have a few new residents interested in joining the Board.  If you would like to learn more about the Board or help with our committees, please let me know.

Thank you to the 2018 Officers and Board of Directors who are a constant source of support in achieving the community goals and overseeing our annual events.
Wishing everyone a very happy summer! 

Stephanie Carter