Hello – Old Harbour Green neighbors! Welcome to a new year – the Roaring 20’s as some may refer to it as!! It is always amazing to realize how time flies as we watch our families grow and prosper, new friendships start and old friendships deepen and life just continues to bring us along on our individual incredible journeys!! Year 2019 for our community was another active one with SEVERAL KEY PROJECTS completed. In 2019, we completed the front gate repairs – that being mostly the Bay Drive entrance. The front property clean-up and dead tree removal was completed in late Spring. We finally got the front gate lights fixed along with shoring up the columns on both entrances. The Bay Drive island needed some repairs on the sprinkler which was taken care of. In Year 2020, the main community improvement project will be repair & replace of many of the street signs. This is a significant undertaken given that it is all volunteers from the neighborhood offering their time to help with the sign templates and stenciling as well as post replacement where necessary. We have identified 12 street signs that are in a very distressed state and a few posts that also need to replaced. This work has already started in January and will continue through the early part of 2019. The expectation of the Board is that all signs in need of repair will be replaced this year.