2020 President’s Message

Hello – Old Harbour Green neighbors! Welcome to a new year – the Roaring 20’s as some may refer to it as!! It is always amazing to realize how time flies as we watch our families grow and prosper, new friendships start and old friendships deepen and life just continues to bring us along on our individual incredible journeys!! Year 2019 for our community was another active one with SEVERAL KEY PROJECTS completed. In 2019, we completed the front gate repairs – that being mostly the Bay Drive entrance. The front property clean-up and dead tree removal was completed in late Spring. We finally got the front gate lights fixed along with shoring up the columns on both entrances. The Bay Drive island needed some repairs on the sprinkler which was taken care of. In Year 2020, the main community improvement project will be repair & replace of many of the street signs. This is a significant undertaken given that it is all volunteers from the neighborhood offering their time to help with the sign templates and stenciling as well as post replacement where necessary. We have identified 12 street signs that are in a very distressed state and a few posts that also need to replaced. This work has already started in January and will continue through the early part of 2019. The expectation of the Board is that all signs in need of repair will be replaced this year. 

As many of you know, we had to cancel the 2019 Candlelight Tea Social largely due to a lack of funds available to put on the event as wonderfully as has been done in past years but also because a scheduling misunderstanding arose with Grace Day Church right before our anticipated date. This was a very hard for the Board and we all labored over it before we had to make the final difficult decision to cancel it. Many residents expressed their disappointment, their understanding and their lack of awareness about the lack of dues being collected – and I can tell you that the Board members felt very disappointed as well.

Which leads me to this appeal to all of our OHG residents – WE NEED YOUR ANNUAL DUES of $60.00!

In 2019, we collected $16,219 from 251 residents and spent $14,300 for all expenses associated with improvement projects, front property taxes, insurance & maintenance and community events. Our community has 421 homes but the 251 who are contributing their dues only represents 60% of our neighbors. There are likely many reasons why 40% of our neighbors don’t contribute their dues on an annual basis – and the HGA Board doesn’t want to minimize those reasons – but we ask those who don’t contribute to reconsider this year – it is very important for the ongoing upkeep of the neighborhood and to continue to make Old Harbour Green a community like no other in the area!

Included in the newsletter is our 2019 Treasurer Report outlining all the expenses we incurred for the year and referenced in this message. If anyone has any questions regarding this information or anything else that is on your mind – always feel free to email us at:

Finally, WE WILL HOLD THE CANDLELIGHT TEA SOCIAL this year and have had several recommendations from neighbors on how we can do it in a more cost-effective way this year – more to come as we get closer to that later this year!


Now, for 2020…

2020 Board Members:                                                                                    

President – Greg Lowrey                                                                                  

Vice President – Michael Venditto                                                                 

Treasurer – Mike Pratt                                                                                      

Secretary – Sue McEvoy                                                                                    

Board Support:

Stephanie Carter

Doug DiDomenica

Mike Fay

Rob Scarola


 2020 Board Meeting Schedule

Any resident is welcome to join us at an upcoming HGA Board meeting which is normally held in the church basement of Grace Day – just send us a note if you plan on attending so we can anticipate how much room we may need. Our scheduled meetings:

Dates: March 10th // May 12th // June 9th // September 15th // October 13th // November 10th

Time: 7:30p-9:00p

Place: Grace Day Church Basement


2020 Community Social Events

Our annual events are a tradition for our community – here are the dates for this year:

Easter Egg Hunt – Saturday April 4th 11:00am-12:30pm – Location TBD

Halloween Parade – Saturday October 24th 12:30pm-2:00pm – Westminster Road

Annual Candlelight Tea Social – Friday December 4th 7:30pm-10:00pm – Grace Day Auditorium

Santa Toy Drive – Saturday December 5th 1pm-3pm – Santa will drive through the neighborhood – have your toys ready!


S.O.S. (Student Outreach to Seniors)

Our S.O.S. Committee comprised of several young adults from our neighborhood led by Anthony Abatamarco under the adult supervision of Doug DiDomenica is ready for SNOW! and helping many of our beloved seniors digging out after a storm – it’s been a mild winter so far and the groundhog has predicted an early spring! This group’s main mission is to help during winter storms HOWEVER we welcome any feedback of other support that we can consider providing our senior neighbors.

Junior Civic Group

Our young adults in the neighborhood are needed throughout the year to help with our community events.

Co-Presidents: Ronan Varley & Kate Dramer

Vice President: Sarah


2019 Resident Dues

Our 2019 Dues Letter will be mailed in early February. The amount will remain at $60.00 and any additional donations over the $60 Dues is ALWAYS appreciated! You can send your payment via mail or on-line through our HGA website:




In closing, on behalf of the Harbour Green Association Board, we thank all of you for your continued commitment and financial support in making sure that OHG remains OUR beautiful neighborhood! Make it a great 2020!!

… Greg