2020 President’s Message

Hello – Old Harbour Green neighbors! Welcome to a new year – the Roaring 20’s as some may refer to it as!! It is always amazing to realize how time flies as we watch our families grow and prosper, new friendships start and old friendships deepen and life just continues to bring us along on our individual incredible journeys!! Year 2019 for our community was another active one with SEVERAL KEY PROJECTS completed. In 2019, we completed the front gate repairs – that being mostly the Bay Drive entrance. The front property clean-up and dead tree removal was completed in late Spring. We finally got the front gate lights fixed along with shoring up the columns on both entrances. The Bay Drive island needed some repairs on the sprinkler which was taken care of. In Year 2020, the main community improvement project will be repair & replace of many of the street signs. This is a significant undertaken given that it is all volunteers from the neighborhood offering their time to help with the sign templates and stenciling as well as post replacement where necessary. We have identified 12 street signs that are in a very distressed state and a few posts that also need to replaced. This work has already started in January and will continue through the early part of 2019. The expectation of the Board is that all signs in need of repair will be replaced this year. 

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HGA Annual Toy Drive with Santa – Saturday, Dec. 7th

Meet Santa on Candytuft Court at 1 PM on Saturday, December 7 for photos, hot chocolate, and cookies!

Santa will then take off on his sleigh through the streets of our neighborhood between 2-4 PM.

Come out and say hello or leaven an unwrapped toy on your doorstep.

The toys are brought to the Social Service Volunteers of Nassau, Inc. and then distributed at their annual Christmas Party for needy children.

Hope to see you all!!!

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2019 HGA Candlelight Social Cancelled

Unfortunately, the December 6th Candlelight Social is cancelled due to low Membership Dues collected this year.

The Board of Directors, serving our community of 422 homes, works very hard every day to carry out all of the responsibilities necessary for our

Unfortunately, the December 6th Candlelight Social is cancelled due to low Membership Dues collected this year.

The Board of Directors, serving our community of 422 homes, works very hard every day to carry out all of the responsibilities necessary for our neighborhood. If we do not collect enough Dues from our residents we cannot fund all of the events.

This year only 251 families paid their membership dues and we sincerely thank them.

The Candlelight Social is a long-standing tradition of our community and represents a key event to celebrate the Holidays with our neighbors.  After numerous reminder letters sent to residents who may have forgotten to pay, and some did respond with payments, it was not enough.
The HGA board also held a clothing fundraiser late Fall to offset the shortage of Dues payments which yielded $388.

If anyone believes it is not necessary to pay their Annual Membership Dues, it can’t be further from the truth. We can’t stress enough of the critical importance to do so to keep the beauty and charm of Old Harbour Green and run the community events offered to our residents.

The annual Dues is what allows the association to pay taxes and maintain the front property, run events, make repairs and initiate capital improvements.  It also provides a foothold with our local public officials.

We ask everyone to please pay their Dues to continue the momentum of our great community.  If you haven’t paid your 2019 Dues and would like to do so now, you can pay via credit card on our secured Payment page

HGA always welcomes questions and feedback from our residents.  Please use the email icon below or the Contact page to reach us.

Thank you! 

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Summer 2019 Newsletter

The 2019 HGA Summer Newsletter is here!  Read all about it!

Click here to download


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HGA Jr Civic Association – Looking for New Members!

Dear Harbour Green teenagers,
My name is Kyra Varley and I am the president of the Junior Civic association. As a group, we have two meetings a year and volunteer at many of the community events, such as the candlelight tea. It is a great way to get involved in the community and get community service hours. We are in need of new members and if anyone is interested in joining please contact me by Calling or Emailing me.
Thank you,
Kyra Varley
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2019 President’s Message

HGA President 2019 Message…

Hello, Old Harbour Green neighbors! My name is Greg Lowrey and I am honored to introduce myself as your new HGA Board President beginning January 2019. Our family has lived in the Massapequa area for many years and, after living out of state for a few years, we moved back in Spring 2014 to call Old Harbour Green our new home. I have been gladly serving as a member of our Board since 2015 after being invited to join by a fellow member. My motivation to get involved was largely influenced by the charm of our community and my desire to play a part in preserving it! After meeting other Board members, I immediately recognized a committed group of residents that shared my same motivation for the good of our community – I have enjoyed the experience ever since! I hope to – and look forward to – continuing the good work that our past Presidents and Board members have accomplished for all of us…

A Look-Back

Last year 2018 was a very productive one for the HGA Board as we accomplished many of the main project goals that we set out to achieve. These were the following:

  • Repair/Replace several of the Drive Slowly signs
  • Repairing the Cedar Shore Drive front gate entrance
  • Repairing of Cedar Shore Drive & Bay Drive entrance columns & lights
  • Clean-up and replanting of Bay Drive islands

** A BIG THANK YOU to Michael Murphy who replaced a few of the damaged Drive Slowly signs & Andrew Sellino who repaired the Entrance Gate columns & lights!! **

Our past President – Stephanie Carter – was successful in gaining attention from TOB and NYS officials to the issues concerning our residents. The relationships she has established and her continued assistance will serve our community well in 2019. In 2018, our Annual Dues paid residents remained steady from the previous year with approximately 12% of our residents contributing more than the requested $60 which helped us get closer to the monies needed to accomplish our projects HOWEVER we did fall short of 100% of Dues Paid residents and this always makes it difficult to meet our financial obligations of Property Taxes & Insurance. We did have donations come from our New Harbour Green neighbors south of us which were directed specifically for the front gate repairs – we greatly appreciate their generosity! Our year of community social events finished with another successful Candlelight Tea Social event at Grace Day which couldn’t have happened without the HARD WORK of CTS Committee Chairperson Jerry Langsner!

Now onto 2019

2019 Board Member Changes

We underwent some changes in Board positions going into 2019 as is normal according to our Old Harbour Green by-laws. These changes included Jerry Langsner, Jane Huang and Dave Palmer finishing out their tenures as HGA members and who deserve a GREAT BIG THANK YOU for their contributions over the years!! Stephanie Carter (recent past President), Rob Scarola, Doug DiDomenica and Art Pensato remain as HGA members and our 2019 Board Officers will be:

President – Greg Lowrey

Vice President – Michael Venditto

Treasurer – Mike Pratt

Secretary – Mike Fay


2019 Board Meeting Schedule

Any resident is welcome to join us at an upcoming HGA Board meeting which is normally held in the church basement of Grace Day – just send us a note if you plan on attending so we can anticipate how much room we may need. Our scheduled meetings:

March 5th // May 7th// September 10th // November 12th

2019 Community Projects

This year will bring new projects that the Board is planning to undertake in maintaining the charm and beauty of our community. Our focus will be finishing the repairs of the Bay Drive front gates, repairing and/or replacing street signs that are in very poor condition and adding new landscaping at Cedar Shore & Bay Drive entrances. In addition to these, the issue of speeding on Bay Drive continues to be a concern for our community. Our Board had pursued TOB officials in 2018 for a traffic flow review of this through the street and they did respond to us however their findings did not arrive at a solution to this issue – we will continue to work with TOB in 2019 on this matter.

2019 Annual Maintenance

We will continue to use Neptune Landscaping for our front property clean-up and seasonal maintenance as well as any add-on projects. They have always done a great job and the Board is confident that attention to our community will continue. Rain Pro maintained our sprinkler systems last year and will be contracted again in 2019.

2019 Community Events

Our annual events area tradition for our community – especially are always well attended Candlelight Tea Social – and 2019 will be no different!

Easter Egg Hunt – Saturday, April 13th 11:00am-12:30pm – Location TBD

Halloween Parade — TBD

Annual Candlelight Tea Social – Friday, December 6th  7:30pm – 11:00pm – Grace Day Auditorium


S.O.S. (Student Outreach to Seniors)

Our S.O.S. Committee comprised of several young adults from our neighborhood under the adult supervision of Doug DiDomenica is ready for SNOW! and helping many of our beloved seniors digging out after a storm – it’s been a mild winter so far and the groundhog has predicted an early spring! This group’s main mission is to help during winter storms HOWEVER we welcome any feedback of other support that we can consider providing our senior neighbors.

Junior Civic Group

Kyra Varley will be passing her leadership role to another member of the group this year as she focuses on finishing out her senior year and preparing for college in the Fall 2019 – THANK YOU Kyra for all your help and support!! Stephanie Carter will continue to provide her guidance for the group.

Tax Year 2020-2021

In late 2018 the Board received the Nassau County Re-Assessment Notice which re-evaluated the market value our front property with a significant increase in total value resulting in a General & School Tax increase of approximately 66%. The HGA Board is pursuing an appointment with the County Assessor office to discuss this. Stephanie Carter has already had preliminary conversations while she was President and we will both be focusing on this issue immediately. Other options may include grieving these taxes as well as alternatives of front property ownership by another non-profit organization.

2019 Resident Dues

Finally, our 2019 Dues Letter will be mailed in early February. The amount will remain at $60.00 and any additional donations over the $60 Dues is ALWAYS appreciated! This year we have added a NEW online credit card payment option via our website right here.  As mentioned throughout this message we need all residents Dues payments to meet the increased taxes and other expenses that help keep OUR community uniquely charming.

In closing, on behalf of the Harbour Green Association Board, we thank all of you for your continued commitment and financial support in making sure that OHG remains OUR beautiful neighborhood!


Greg Lowrey





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Grumman/Navy Plume Update from Massapequa Water District

We would like to share with HGA residents the updated from the recent Massapequa Water District’s newsletter on the Grumman/Navy Groundwater Contamination Plume.   We will keep our residents posted on future updates and meetings.

For more information on the Grumman/Navy Plume, please visit the MWD website.

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HGA Newsletter going paperless!!

We have been contemplating this step for some time now, as we’re always looking for ways to better serve our community, and by making our newsletter available online, they’re more easily accessible, not to mention saving money in printing and mailing, allowing us to put that money towards other projects such as beautification and maintenance.
This will be the last issue of the newsletter we’re printing.  Going forward, we will have the digital copy available for download on our website.  Announcements will be made when new editions become available in our email blast.
If you would like to receive a digital copy via email, please sign up below to receive the digital newsletter via email  – please note this will be a separate list from the general information email list we’ve had.
For those who prefer reading on paper, you can always print off a copy from the digital copy, if you don’t have internet, email, or printer access and would like a copy on paper, please drop us a note at HGA, PO Box 57, Massapequa Park, NY  11762

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Message from Our President

Dear Neighbors,

Every spring and summer, residents of Harbour Green can’t help but fall in love again with living in Old Harbour Green.  Springtime reminds us why we chose to live and raise our families here.  After driving just a few minutes south of Merrick Road, Cedar Shore and Bay Drive come alive with nature in full bloom.  The canopy of trees that line our streets form an amazing archway.  The charming scenery looks and feels like the country.  The beautiful homes, landscape, and magnificent trees attract so many people to this great community
General Meeting April 19, 2018
I am sorry to report that we had only two residents, John Caruso and Lois Tedesco in attendance at the combined civics General Meeting (with Biltmore Shores) on April 19th.  The topics were relevant to all residents in our congressional district with Senator John Brooks as guest speaker.  Fortunately, the Biltmore Shores Association had approximately 40 members in attendance.  We have seen in past years attendance decline at our meetings but it has never been this low.  Going forward, HGA will put on hold having its own General Meetings and instead will join the Biltmore Shores Civic Association with combined meetings.  We share similar issues being adjacent communities.
Easter Egg Hunt
The Easter egg hunt was a great success.  We had a wonderful turn out with so many young children in attendance to see the Easter Bunny.  Thank you to Mike Pratt and Greg Lowery for organizing this event
For Informational Purposes – The Harbour Green Association, Inc. (“HGA”)
There are many new neighbors that have moved into the community over the past two years.  Homeowners may be looking into home remodeling and construction.  Please be aware The Harbour Green Association, Inc. (“HGA”) is the association for our community comprised of 422 homes and the residents are members.  The HGA is not to be confused with the OHG Preservation Board.  In 2016, a group of residents formed the OHG Preservation Board to safeguard the preservation and building integrity of the homes in our community with a self-organized advisory group.
When we refer to OHG or Old Harbour Green it is The Harbour Green Association (“HGA”) working for the community.
Rob Scarola, Board Member and Town of Oyster Bay/ZBA liaison can be contacted with any questions related to the Old Harbour Green building code and Zoning Board of Appeals via email:  email Rob Scarola.
S.O.S.  – Student Outreach to Seniors
S.O.S. has had a few new members join in 2018.  Although there were fewer snow storms in 2017, they were each very intense with a great deal of snow.  Our young students worked so hard to help shovel our seniors’ driveways and walkways.  They will be acknowledged at a Thank-You party this summer.  For those seniors who wish to make a donation to the S.O.S. scholarship fund, you may send a check payable to Harbour Green Association, Inc. to our PO Box, in care of Greg Lowery (please mark SOS on the check).
We have finally made headway with the TOB – Town of Highway to patch large areas of roadway with potholes along Cedar Shore Drive, Lagoon and Nassau Street.  We are still working on other streets in the community such as Bay Drive.  The Town of Highway has also thermal painted new yellow double lines at the entrance into the community on Cedar Shore and Bay Drive.
Adam Road Island
It was recently brought to my attention by a number of residents that the beautiful island located on Adam Road near Cedar Shore Drive is maintained by our neighbors Nadia and Jerry Jones.  They are responsible for the beautiful plantings you see as well as the care of this island.  Their generous donation and volunteering their time to this island is very much appreciated by the HGA Board and residents and makes our community so beautiful!   Thank you.
It is more than likely there are also neighbors doing similar work at other islands throughout the community.  The HGA Board would like to acknowledge those residents.  Please let me know who you are by emailing me.
Cedar Shore Drive Entrance
Carl’s Fence completed the installation of the new fencing at Cedar Shore Drive.  It has made a huge improvement to the entry into our community.  Thank you to Greg Lowery and Mike Fay for their work on this capital improvement project.
Drive Slowly and Street Signs
Jane Reilly and Michael Murphy have volunteered and are ready to begin work on the street signs that are in need of repair or full replacement.  Michael Murphy will also begin to replace the rotted Drive Slowly signs throughout the community with brand new signs.
New Dates for the Candlelight Tea
The Grace Day School requested a change from the original dates to hold the Candlelight Tea.  The Candlelight Tea will now be held on Friday, November 30th and the Children’s Party with Santa followed by our Annual Toy Drive on Saturday, December 1st.
Annual Dues
If you have not paid your Annual Dues yet, please be a member in good standing and be part of reaching our goal of 300 paid members in 2018.  It is so important that each family make their annual dues payment to support the budget that covers costs to pay taxes for the front gate property, maintain the front property including landscaping, sprinklers, and lighting plus allow for the annual events that make our community very special.  There is the Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween Parade, Candlelight Tea and Children’s Meeting with Santa.  One very significant part of the Children’s Visit with Santa is the drive with Santa around the neighborhood for the collection of toys for children in need at Christmas.  Our community has become the lead contributor to the agency to give these children a Christmas party with gifts from Santa donated by the HGA.
If you have a specific reason or concern why residents do not pay membership dues, the Board would appreciate letting us know. Please email me.
New Board Members
We have a few new residents interested in joining the Board.  If you would like to learn more about the Board or help with our committees, please let me know.

Thank you to the 2018 Officers and Board of Directors who are a constant source of support in achieving the community goals and overseeing our annual events.
Wishing everyone a very happy summer! 

Stephanie Carter
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