Many residents have contacted us regarding Town of Oyster Bay’s regulations on vehicle parking/storing on residential properties.

Below is an excerpt of the codes regarding this subject, with the direct link to the ToB Codes page at the end.

Remember, if you have any questions or concerns, the best way to get a clear answer is to contact Town of Oyster Bay’s Code Compliance Bureau.

5.5.24 Storage of vehicles. The parking or storage of vehicles on property in residence districts shall be restricted, as follows:[Amended 7-22-2003 by L.L. No. 7-20031-18-2005 by L.L. No. 1-2005]

  • Commercial vehicles. A maximum of one commercial vehicle, as defined herein, may be parked on any premises in addition to commercial vehicles parked during the act of loading or off-loading merchandise or during the act of performance of a commercial service or duty undertaken by the operator of such vehicle in connection with said premises. The permitted commercial vehicle must be used by a resident of the premises, must have a current registration, must have a maximum of two axles and must not exceed 20 feet in length and eight feet in height, nor be designed to refrigerate, cook or sell food or to carry a cargo of flammable or other hazardous materials. Any vehicle not conforming to the above requirements shall be removed within 60 days of tie effective date of this local law. [Amended 10-16-2012 by L.L. No. 3-2012]
  • Unregistered vehicles. It shall be unlawful for any person to store or park more than one unregistered motor vehicle on a property in a residence district at any time. Such vehicle shall be stored or parked either in a garage or on a paved surface which complies with the locational requirements as set forth in § 8.2.6 of this chapter. A special permit may be issued by the Zoning Board of Appeals to park an additional unregistered vehicle(s), provided said vehicle(s) are parked within an approved garage. [Amended 4-25-2006 by L.L. No. 5-2006]
  • Agricultural use vehicles. A commercial vehicle used for agricultural or horticultural purposes on the same premises as its storage shall be exempt from this section, provided it is not stored or parked outside, within 100 feet of any property line.